内田 啓.

1969年   神奈川県横浜市生まれ。

1990年   大学中退後、オブジェ制作会社に勤務。




1996年   独立。



1997年   この年より現代美術(彫刻)作品の個展開催。


2013年   年末に相田義人氏のカスタムナイフメーキング講座に参加。


2015年   プロナイフメーカーとして出発。


2017年   JKGナイフコンテストにて鈴木眞メモリアル賞受賞。

■JKG(Japan Knife Guild)Maker Member No,1122M

ジャパンナイフギルド、メーカー会員 No,1122M

■JCKM(Japan Custom Knife Makers)Member


Kei. Uchida

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1969.

After graduating from college in 1990, I worked at an object creation company.

Processing and production with various materials such as metal, wood, stone and resin.

Mastering machining such as drawing, welding, and lathe.

Contemporary art (sculpture) work production. Acquisition of diving license (PADI).

Independence in 1996.

I studied in the United States for three months. I stayed in Los Angeles for a month and a half. At that time, two knife makers in the outskirts of Los Angeles are visiting. Traveled from Los Angeles to Southern Texas by car, a month and half trip to Eastern Mississippi. Viewing knife shows in various places.

After returning home, I got a license for hunting in Japan.

1997 From this year held a solo exhibition of contemporary art (sculpture) work.

Participate in group exhibitions.

Participated in Mr. Yoshihito Aida ‘s custom knife making course at the end of 2013.

Since then, Mr. Aida received the teaching of the knife and trained.

Departed as a pro knife maker in 2015.

Received an encouragement prize at the JKG knife contest in 2015.

Received an Makoto Suzuki Memorial prize at the JKG knife contest in 2017.

■JKG(Japan Knife Guild)Maker Member No,1122M

■JCKM(Japan Custom Knife Makers)Member